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Your health reflects your brand wherever you go

Representing yourself and your brand with vitality, clarity of thought, poise and calm dependability can only come from actually feeling that way on the inside. Being healthy in mind and body will inspire confidence in you from your customers, prospects, colleagues and industry peers.

Just as your annual balance sheet shows a snapshot of your accounts on that date, so this Health Balance Sheet will tell you whether your health is currently more of an asset or a liability.

See your results instantly then check your email for the detailed report on how personalized nutrition and lifestyle plans based on state-of-the-art lab tests (that you can do at home) can save you time and bring back the enjoyment, vitality and vision that comes with being a successful, healthy business leader.

Make your health an asset to you and your business so you can get that elusive work-life balance right.

Is this for me?

All successful business leaders conduct a risk assessment on their business, but what sets the top leaders aside is their ability to lead by example when it comes to remaining physcially healthy and mentally agile.  Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Who wins the sale efficiently and effectively, the leader who waffles and gets easily side-tracked or the one who is mentally alert and focused on the outcome?
  2. Who attracts the best team, the leader who is tired, stressed and irritable or the one who is full of vitality and enthusiasm?
  3. Who negotiates the best deal on a contract, the leader who didn't sleep well and turns up with brain fog, or the one who is able to focus their attention on the finer details of the contract?
  4. Who can be depended upon to help your business succeed, the worker who is regularly off sick or the one you can rely on to be physically - and mentally - present?

The 7 areas in our R.E.C.I.P.E.S. for  healthy business life are:

RESILIENCE: Are you coping with the amount of stress you are under or are the stress hormones starting to affect other areas of your life?

ENERGY: Not just an asessment of your get-up-and-go, but a measure of the cellular energy and systems that rely on healthy mitochondrial functions.

COGNITION: How are your clairty of thought, memory and decision-making skills?

IMMUNITY: Do you have a strong immune system or is there a risk that you will be off work at short notice?

PHYSICAL EXERCISE: This is about whether you actually 'move' enough so even someone who is house-bound can get physical exercise with seated yoga, for example. 

EATING HABITS: Everything you put in your mouth either heals you or harms you so understanding this is critical.

SLEEP: So much more than waking feeling refreshed. Is your body healing and renewing itself while you sleep?

This report will help key business leaders to find out more about how to gain the competitive edge using functional medicine and nutrigenomics to 'biohack' your health.

Don't just read your results online, download a pdf report and use it as a daily reference to remind you what to do when you need to be on your A-Game!

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Who we are

360 Health Consultancy Ltd

Simone Buehner, Director of 360 Health Consultancy Ltd is a Functional Medicine Practitioner with over 20 years' experience in many areas of natural healthcare including functional medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Herbalism, Nutrition, Massage and Meditation. 

Simone Buehner has an amazing skill of helping you understand the big picture of health and how daily choices you have made in the past have led to your health today. More importantly she can show you how little tweaks now can have a big positive impact on your future health. This report is just the beginning...

Sue Worrall, Nutritionist